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Immerse Yourself in an Approach to Your Health that evolves you in Body, Mind & Spirit, with Health & Wellness Coach, Michael Murphy

 Incorporating Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation, and Functional Bodyweight Movement.

Michael Final version -2021.jpg

"Cathedral in a Backyard""  my Hand Built Sauna

Sit, Release into Heat,

Absolute Sanctuary,

must Enter, Barefoot 

In addition to Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, and various functional bodyweight movements for strength, mobility, and flexibility -  we can also work together in making the often Small Steps In  Food Choices, ones that can often make a difference in our Health.   And if you desire to transition to more of a Plant-Based Diet, I can help you with that as I've been Vegan for many years.

Now in my 60s, I too, like my clients,  feel blessed to continually explore these Wonderful practices to  "add Years to my Life, but more importantly......add Life to my Years".

Can you focus your life breath until you become supple as a newborn child?​

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Clients Say


"Michael taught the most relaxing Yoga class I've ever attended"


"You have no idea how much of a positive influence you have been in my life. Your class is amazing and it helps me EVERY week. Your energy, the asanas, the meditation... It all makes me feel great and recharges me. Thank you!.."


Michael is an excellent instructor, whose calming voice and great music guide us in a logical, beneficial way. He has made me want to challenge myself to fine tune my poses a little more each week. Starting with breathing exercises, he sets the right tone for an enjoyable class from the very beginning. I definitely look forward to my class with him every week!

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